Blue Pied Diamond Dove

Product No. DOVBP


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The blue pied diamond displays the blue color pattern, with white feathers mixed in. The white feathers usually occur on the head, neck and breast, but can occur anywhere on the body. Blue pied diamonds are usually brown on the back, shoulders, wings and tail. The head, neck and breast are white and brown mixed together. The white markings form a distinctive pattern that is rarely duplicated exactly in any other bird. The eye is ruby red, with a bright red eye ring. The underside is white. The beak is black. The wing displays mahogany colored primary flight feathers, with black tips. Sometimes, in well marked birds, the primary flight feathers are white. They are ground feeders and will do well in an aviary with finches. Try to provide canary nests, as they make an untidy nest. Both parents incubate; eggs should hatch in about 13 days.
Length: 8" Lifespan 8-12 years
One year or younger, not banded or mated.
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I have ordered most of my chicks from Stromberg, and no other company compares with there costumer service. This is truly the best bird company out there.
Anna Heebe