Assorted Guinea Keets - Breeders Choice

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This assortment will include Pearl Gray and/or White African and 1-2 other fancy colors. Guinea like to dine on insects, rodents, snakes & ticks.

Adult weight: 4 lbs.
Prolific layers of small dark eggs
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100% survival
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Dec 18, 2013
These guineas are just so hardy! I ordered 15 keets thinking that some wouldn't make it. They shipped me 20, maybe also thinking some wouldn't survive the shipping. But these birds want to live, I've now got 20 nearly grown birds when I had planned to only have 10. Oh we'll, I'll just put an addition onto the guinea house. great service and great product from strombergs! I've got a nice mix of varieties in the flock and look forward to enjoying their unique attitude.
Jeremy Richie

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