Product No. SCRU-SANI


The Sani-SCRUSH Boot Wash works great for farm biosecurity and farm boot disinfection is a proven low-cost and effective way to prevent the spread of contagious diseases to livestock and poultry. Help guard against infectious disease with this boot cleaner and washer. Place this effective boot disinfection system at doorways and entrances to all barns, pens and poultry sheds. Just add disinfectant and water to the big red portable steel container and it's ready to use.
Features -
Sani-SCRUSH Boot Wash is a Bio-Security Containment System that helps to disinfect and sanitize animal germs and viruses from your farm boots
Portable, durable stainless steel container - polyurethane coated in "stop-sign" red - long lasting - easy to see - easy to move - easy to use - features extra-strong poly brushes on sides and bottom.
Powder-coated foot stand keeps container in place when scraping and scrubbing boots. Just add water and disinfectant and Sani-SCRUSH is ready to use. (Disinfectant not included)
We recommend Virkon to use for your disinfectant.
Replacement brushes available.
Colorful, stop sign red, to assure boot disinfecting isn't overlooked!
Disease prevention for livestock and poultry
USA Made farm biosecurity and animal biosecurity system!