Adjustable Wall Mount Bracket for the FT 2500 Series Fount

Product No. FTBRK-ADJ


This adjustable wall mount bracket is an easy way to mount any of the 2500 series founts to any wall. This allows you to mount the fount and then adjust it up to 8". Meaning that you can raise your automatic drinker up or down depending on the type of bird you are raising or the age that they are. This flexibility in adjustment allows you to mount your 2500 series founts in areas that may not have the ability to hang them or out side on a post.

Comes with adjustable wall mount.
Fittings to connect to a 2500 series little giant automatic fount to a hose.
4 screws to attach this fount to a flat surface.
If you are looking for a gravity feed option be sure to order the deluxe bucket kit. Which allows you to use a gravity feed bucket to feed the water to your fount.