Ropa Flight Boost Pigeon Supplement - 500 ML Bottle

Product No. ROPA-FB


ROPAPOULTRY COMPLETEA 100% natural, high-quality, energy-rich, proprietary formula specifically designed for your backyard poultry by veterinarians. It can be given throughout the year and is based on essential oils, antioxidants and vitamins.DOSEAGE:DAILY: 12 ML PER GALLON OF DRINKING WATER THROUGHOUT THE YEAR EVERYDAY. FOR STRESS OR LOOSE DROPPINGS: 24 ML PER GALLON OF DRINKING WATER FOR 3 TO 4 DAYS.INGREDIENTS:OREGANO OIL, CINNAMON OIL, PEPPER TINCTURE, MILK THISTLE EXTRACT, ARTICHOKE EXTRACT PEPPERMINT OIL, EUCALYPTUS OIL, THYME OIL AND PROPYLENE GLYCOL.