BROAD BREASTED Bronze Turkey Poult-H (min. 10)

Product No. TURKBBB4


**Adult Color**Coloring resembles natural color of wild turkeys.**Poult Color**Dark brown/black blotches with pencilling on the head and back. Sides of head and underparts are pale cream to ivory.**Weight**Male-24#Female-16#**Egg Color**Beige tinted/Speckled**Egg Laying Productivity**80-100 eggs per bird with artificial lighting for 1st year. Egg production declines sharply after 1st year**Broodiness**Most turkeys are genetically inclined to broodiness**Incubation Time**28 days**Space Requirements- Brooding - 1.5 to 3.0 sq ft per bird Adults - 6-8 sq ft per bird as breeders**Health Requirements**Require alot of space & vegetationDo not brood or house with other fowl, unless all are wormed consistently*Behavior/Disposition**Known to be good foragers**Water/Feed Requirements**Starter 0-6 wks 27-28% proteinGrower 6-10 wks 18-24% proteinFinisher 14-18 wks 15-17% protein**Breeding Ratio**These will NOT reproduce naturally because of their size.**Miscellaneous**A meat breed, with good growth rate and feed conversion. Marketable weight between 14-18 weeks.****Available March through September.Resources: M.O.M. notes, Storey's Guide to Raising Turkeys, Storey's Guide to Illus Poultry Breeds