Pedigrees in purebred Racing Pigeons are similar to pedigrees in purebred dogs or purebred racing horses. Having a pedigree on your Racing Pigeon adds another level of knowledge to the history of your Racing Pigeon. The pedigree tells you the genetic ancestry of your Racing Pigeon. It tells you how your bird is related to other notable birds in the strain or to any champions in the strain. The pedigree outlines the careful breeding that has taken place in a strain of Racing Pigeons. It tells you about the parents and grandparents of your bird. The pedigree will also tell you the distances that birds of this strain have flown and what races they have won.

While a pedigree bird does not guarantee breeding a champion it is a great way to jump start your genetics.

Pedigrees are very helpful in record keeping; they give you a permanent written record of your bird's genetic ancestry. When you breed your pedigreed Racing Pigeon to another pedigreed Racing Pigeon you can create a new pedigree for the offspring. The pedigree will enhance the value of the bird you have bred.