Ad a Waterer Kit

Product No. BUCK-FT2


This is as simple as it gets to hook up a bucket to many different style waterers. With a few easy stepsStep 1. Drill a hole in that bucket!Drill a 7/8" hole in a bucket. Use either a paddle sytle drill bit or a regular style drill bit. Tip paddle style drill bits are much cheaper in this size range. Just make sure you go slowly when you drill the hole and you should have a hole that is sufficietly smooth to get a good seal. Step 2. Install the through bucket fittingThen use the two O-Rings to seal the hole around where the hole is. The order for this will be Through bucket fitting then screw on one of the backer nuts then an Oring then put that through the bucket then an Oring then another backer nut. Another tip, if you want to use silicon instead of the rubber washers feel free the silicone can provide a really good lasting seal. Step 4. Attach the hose to the bucketThen use the 1/4 Inch hose to attatch to the 1/4" fitting coming out of the bucket. Use a zip tie as a tube clamp and clamp down the 1/4" hose onto the 1/4" barbed hose fitting. Step 5. Install the quick release fittingThen cut the hose to the length you want to be at your quick release fitting. Use the male fitting on the piece of hose that will go tok your bucket. Put the hose over the barb fitting. Install a zip tie as a tube clame at the fitting. If you have the deluxe bucket kit for two buckets you will need to do this step twice. Which will enable you to take one bucket with you when you leave so you can leave one bucket hooked up to the fount and have one bucket with you. This allows you to cut your watering trips in half. You don't have to go get the bucket bring it to your spicket fill it. Instead you leave a bucket with the waterer bring one with you. When you go to fill the water you then bring one full bucket and swap it for the empty bucket. Install The female quick release on the hose that will be going to the fount. Use a zip tie to on the barbed hose fitting as a hose clamp for the Step 6. Hook the fount to your bucket system. Use the 1/2" fitting that is the same as the through bucket fitting. It fits into the 2500 fount. The order for the will be