COLORFUL CARTON ASST SR- blue, brown, white egg layers

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Choose this Colorful Carton Assortment to get a rainbow of egg colors in your egg carton. You will get strait run baby chicks that lay the following egg colors: Blue eggs, Dark Brown eggs, Light/Medium Brown eggs, and White eggs. This is a great opportunity to get the most diversity in your egg carton and it also enables us to choose from the breeds that are currently hatching to get you a better ship date!The following breeds will be chosen from:AmeraucanaMarans, Black and CuckooBuff OrpingtonBarred RockCalifornia WhitesSexlinks, Red, Black, or GoldWyandottes, Gold Laced or Silver LacedNew HapshireProduction RedSpeckled SussexWhite LeghornsBlack AustralorpeRhode Island RedJersey GiantWelsummersAssorted Polish