Game Bird Set Up Special - ProPlucker, Scalder & Man Dunker

Product No. FM-SSG


This set includes all you need to get started Processing Poultry.Includes: Small Kill Cone Stand, and eight Broiler Cones. Scalder with Manual Dunker and Shackles Featherman Pro Plucker This set includes all you need to get started. Includes our best-selling Featherman Pro picker, Scalder with Manual Dunker & Shackles, Small Kill Cone Stand, and eight Broiler Cones. One person can load and dispatch four birds in two minutes, load and scald four birds in a little more than a minute, and pick four birds in a little less than a minute that adds up to sixty birds per hour! ******************Featherman ProSimply scald chickens, then drop 4 or 5 birds into the tub. In 20 seconds or less the birds will be picked clean. No pin feathers, no backache.Capacity: 3 - 50 pounds of birds, optimum 30 poundsTub diameter: 22 inchesHeight: 33 inchesFootprint: 25 x 28 inchesWeight: 125 lbs.Motor: 1 hp 115 VoltsFeatures: 1 hp motorwill draw aroung 15-20 Amps 10:1 speed reducer for more power tub and housing constructed of high density UV-resistant, food-grade, molded plastic easy clean-up feather chute water spray ring knee-high waterproof switch 119 ultra-soft plucking fingers******************Featherman ScalderThe goal: No pin feathers. Period.This only happens with a perfect scald. The Featherman Scalder holds a constant water temperature to help you achieve that perfect scald.Made of stainless steel with around a 40,000 BTU propane burner, temperature control within a five degree range, and sized for four birds at a time (40 gallon), the Featherman Scalder delivers maximum performance at a minimum price. Drain valve, full protective rim, side-mounted chimney and cover tarp are all standard features. One year complete warranty.UL ApprovedAll Materials are USDA inspected and approved They do not ship into Canada. They have dealers there already:Seven Oaks Mfg 800-661-6991Jonkman Equipment 604-857-2000Berry Hill Ltd 800-668-3072Please refer them to these manufacturers. AM