Hova Bator Automatic Egg Turners

  • Automatic Egg Turner with Goose Egg Racks #1614
  • $59.95
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  • Automatic Egg Turner with Quail and Universal "Chicken Egg" Racks #1610
  • $59.95
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  • Automatic Egg Turner with Universal "Chicken Egg" Racks #1611
  • $52.95
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During incubation, eggs must be turned several times a day to prevent the yolk from settling on one side and to exercise the embryo. Turning the eggs by hand is the most time demanding and time consuming part of egg incubation. Adding the Automatic Egg Turner means that eggs will get the regular turning they need without you having to worry about it. Also, by not having to open the incubator several times each day, the temperature and humidity stay more constant. Racks are interchangable. Choose your turner based on which racks you would like to get. 15'' x 15'' x 3'', 110 Volt AC. TUV Listed. CAN BE USED WITH ALL HOVA-BATOR INCUBATORS.
Universal "Chicken" Egg Racks:42 eggs from the size of a partridge to duck eggs, from 1 3/8" to 1 7/8".
Quail Egg Racks:will hold 120 quail or similarly sized eggs.
Goose Egg Racks:9-12 Goose Eggs or similarly sized eggs.
15" x 15" x 3" 110 volt.
Can be used with all Hova-Bator Incubators!