Pond De-icers

  • Air-O-Lator 1 HP  230v

    Air-O-Lator 1 HP 230v

    Complete with flotation. Stainless steel submersible one hp. motor, which is water cooled, water lubricated and lightning protected and provides continual water turnover, preventing water stratification up to a depth of 12 ft. Pump moves 1475 gal. of water per minute. Includes flow of 1.8 million gal. per hour. 230 volt, 8 amp under full load, 3450 rpm. Includes 50 foot electric cord.
  • Air-O-Lator  1/2 H.P. 115v

    Air-O-Lator 1/2 H.P. 115v

    Complete with flotation. 1/2 hp motor moves 500 gal. of water per minute. It offers the same design as the AQ10 but w/ a smaller motor. Includes flow of 500,000 gal. per hour. Available w/ 115volts, 12 amp. under full load, 3450 rpm. Includes 50 ft. of electric cord. Shipping weight 43 lb. Also available in 230 v. model.

  • Ice-Away Sling Mounted 115v

    Ice-Away Sling Mounted 115v

    Ice-Away's high speed motor-driven propeller pulls warmer deep water to the surface. It is diffused upward and outward into a circular area equivalent to approximately 8 feet in diameter for every foot of propeller depth. Placed at 5 feet of depth, the ICE AWAY will keep a 40 foot circle free of ice during extreme cold weather. (to achieve 5ft. depth you must have a pond depth of 6'6".) Powered...
  • Ice-Away Replacement Prop

    Ice-Away Replacement Prop

    Replacement propeller for the Ice-Away de-icing system.

  • Ice-Away Sling Mounted With Poly Float

    Ice-Away Sling Mounted With Poly Float

    The Polyethylene float is a more durable float that birds won't destroy. either 115v or 230 v.