Chicken Books

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  • Poultry of the World

    Poultry of the World

    Compilation of wide variety of poultry information, both usual and unusual, as well as info on many breeds of poultry world wide. Has excellent color photos. Author: Loyl Stromberg. Hard cover, 396 pg., color photos.
  • Your Chickens

    Your Chickens

    A great introduction to raising chickens. It is geared for children but any novice will find very good how to info. It covers choosing a breed, caring for them, housing, keeping your chickens healthy, showing birds at fairs, & basic management Author: Gail Damerow. Soft cover, 156 pg., b/w illustratiions.

  • Exhibiting Poultry for Pleasure

    Exhibiting Poultry for Pleasure

    Helps you get your birds ready for show to make it fun and profitable. Talks about exhibiting and "tricks" of the trade . Names and addresses of poultry clubs. Paperback, 120 pages, B/W photos and illustrations. By Loyl Stromberg
  • Chicken Encyclopedia

    Chicken Encyclopedia

    From addled to wind egg, crossed beak to zygote, the terminology of everything chicken is demystified in The Chicken Encyclopedia, an illustrated A-to-Z reference that is both informative and entertaining. Chickophiles will find breed descriptions; definitions of common chicken conditions, situations, and behaviors; and much more. Whether its the differences among wry tail, split tail, and...

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