Chicken Books

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  • Oriental Game Fowl Book

    Oriental Game Fowl Book

    Introducing the reader to the vast array of breeds (more than listed in the APA standard) and their evolutionary history. Over 250 photos of 35 breeds, many in color. Paperback, 208 pgs By Horst W. Schmudde
  • Organic Poultry

    Organic Poultry

    Description of organic and standards to follow. Pasturing guidelines, housing and shelter ideas, laying and flock problems and health section. Covers chickens, ducks , geese, turkeys and guinea fowl. Paperback, 120 pgs. Color as well as black & white photos. By Katie Thear

  • Poultry at Home VHS

    Poultry at Home VHS

    A beginners guide to poultry health & management, using 50 rare pure breeds to illustrate the various points. Includes choosing your breed, housing, handling, predators, feed & digestion, disease & parasites, breeding & sexing, candling eggs, and rearing chicks. Authors: Michael & Victoria Roberts. Video, 45 min. Only available in VHS
  • Poultry Color Guide

    Poultry Color Guide

    For the poultry fancier, this is a NEW edition with a large format which covers large fowl, bantams, ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea fowl. By Dr. Joseph Batty. Softcover, 80 pages, 36 color Ilus. and some b/w Ilus.

  • Poultry for Anyone

    Poultry for Anyone

    Detailed descriptions of 44 breeds. Gives plumage color, history of the breed, what makes good specimens, character, utility, egg production qualities and special husbandry requirements. Well written and informative book. Author: Victoria Roberts. Hard cover, 142 pg., color photos.
  • Poultry: A Guide to Management

    Poultry: A Guide to Management

    A helpful guide for the newcomer as well as useful information for the experienced breeder. Information on selecting a breed, housing, equipment, feeding, management, incubating, brooding, and poultry diseases are covered. Also a section on preparing to show birds. Author: Carol Twinch. Soft cover, 121 pg. b/w photos.

  • Poultry Houses and Appliances

    Poultry Houses and Appliances

    A guide book to show the domestic poultry keeper how to make suitable houses, runs, brooders, feeders and drinkers. The dimensions and materials needed are given in detail. The emphasis is on practical houses and equipment. Editor: Joseph Batty. Soft cover, 154 pg., b/w diagrams.
  • Poultry House Construction

    Poultry House Construction

    A do it yourself guide to building poultry houses and related equipment. There are dimensional drawings for nest boxes, coops, show boxes, bantam house, runs, 8 & 10 hen houses and a "poultry palace." It also has plans for a duck nest box and a rabbit hutch. Author: Michael Roberts. Soft cover, 91 pg., b/w photos & diagrams.

  • Poultry House/Game Bird Shelter Plan

    Poultry House/Game Bird Shelter Plan

    It is specifically designed to provide efficient, profitable egg production for family or hobbyist. Plans include notes on raising poultry and caring for eggs and birds. Included are material list, and how to make equipment. Plans 5 sheets. Complete set of plans for a "24 bird" house.
  • Poultry Oddities History and Folklore

    Poultry Oddities History and Folklore

    Book contains little known historical poultry facts of interests. This has information to read for fun but still learn. Chronology of chicken history, American poultry breeds history, famous people who had/have chickens, poultry folklore, sayings and superstitions. Author: Loyl Stromberg. Soft cover, 72 pgs., b/w illustratiions.

  • Practical Poultry Keeping

    Practical Poultry Keeping

    Author shares his experience of raising poultry with readers, be they hobbyists, small-scale commercial farmers or if there is simply an interest in the development of of the poultry industry. Book is a valuable tool for those who wish to produce eggs and birds in a traditional manner. Author has forty five years experience. Author: David Bland. Hard cover, 159 pg., b/w photos & illustrations.
  • Pastured Poultry Profits

    Pastured Poultry Profits

    Chapters on why pasture poultry, getting started, pen and pasturing, processing, problems that may be encountered, and marketing. Author: Joel Salatin. Soft cover, 371 pg., b/w photos.

  • Regarding Chickens DVD

    Regarding Chickens DVD

    A comprehensive guide to rearing healthy free range chickens. Excellent section on incubation, use of incubators, care of hatching eggs, candling. Also covers brooding chicks, feeding, housing and caring for adult stock. Bonus material on table egg grading and poultry showing. Frederick Dunn author/presenter. Color, 2 hrs. 51 min.
  • Sexing All Fowl

    Sexing All Fowl

    Has information on sexing a variety of bird species. Describes how to vent sex, sight sex, crossing for wing sex, and micro-sexing. Included is info on domestic poultry, cage birds, wild water fowl and game birds. Author: Loyl Stromberg. Soft cover, 89 pg., b/w illustrations.

  • Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds

    Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds

    Layman's companion to the Standard of Perfection. If it's fowl facts and photos you want, find them here. By C. Ekarius. Soft cover, 278 pp. Many color photos of 128 birds.
  • 44th Edition A.P.A. Standard Of Perfection

    44th Edition A.P.A. Standard Of Perfection

    This 372 page hard cover book with color pictures, and black and white illustrations put out by the American Poultry Association, is the official guide of standards for all recognized chicken, bantam, duck, turkey and geese breeds. Requirements for exhibitors, judges, poultry exhibits, and also technical terms.

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