Chicken Books

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  • Eggs and Chickens

    Eggs and Chickens

    A basic booklet for just starting out, or thinking about raising chickens. Info on the basics of raising your own birds for meat and eggs. Helps you with selecting breeds, housing, food, cost, brooding and butchering. Paperback, 30 pgs By John Vivian
  • Embryology Poster Set

    Embryology Poster Set

    Three separate sections with great photos of a chick embryo in development and hatching. Each section is 21" x 7" and has selected days showing an embryo in transition to a chick.

  • Fanciers Handbook

    Fanciers Handbook

    Helps with housing, eggs for hatching, breeding, incubators, feed, showing & genetics. Also about attacking insects and different diseases. Paperback, 44 pages By Dr. L.K Schmidgall
  • Frizzle


    History, definitions and raising of frizzles. Also health, mating with curlies, buying breeding stock, and showing. Talks about cannibalism and colonization. Paperback, 24 pgs By Dr. Loretta Schmidgall

  • Free Range Poultry Book

    Free Range Poultry Book

    This book is a practical & comprehensive guide to the free range management of poultry, both large and small scale. It is up to date in its coverage and talks about the traditional practices which have been modernized. It traces the history & development of domestic fowl. Chapters on breeding & rearing, showing, marketing, diseases. Hardcover, 181 pgs By Katie Thear
  • American Game Fowl Standard

    American Game Fowl Standard

    16 colored illustrations of game fowl color patterns. Information on origin of American Game Fowl, confirmation, colors, disqualifications, defects and glossary of techinical terms. Also includes info on American Game Bantams standards & colors. Published w/ approval of Am. Game Fowl Society. Paperback, 60 pgs Edited by Anthony Saville

  • Golden and Silver Sebright Bantams

    Golden and Silver Sebright Bantams

    Book is primarily a beginners guide to Sebright breeding. Provides history, description, what to look for in breeding, back & saddle feathering, lacing problems, and health. Paperback, 32 pgs By Bill Holland
  • Hobby Farm Chickens

    Hobby Farm Chickens

    Great information for the beginner on chicken behavior, biology, incubation, brooding, housing, nutrition, health issues. Emphasis on tending a small-scale flock. Nice section on internet resources. Numerous color photos of chickens in action, housing & brooding options. Paperback, 144 pgs By Sue Weaver

  • How to Raise Chickens

    How to Raise Chickens

    A good husbandry book covering all the basics, history , breed types, breeding programs, showing & resources, including web sites, organizations and breed clubs. Paperback, 191 pgs By Christine Heinrichs
  • The Joy of Keeping Chickens

    The Joy of Keeping Chickens

    A comprehensive guide written by an organic farmer. Discusses basic details of biology, health, feed and chooding breeds. Information on self sustainability and showing chickens. Paperback, 256 pgs. By Jennifer Megyesi

  • Keep Chickens!

    Keep Chickens!

    Over the past two years, city & suburban households have adopted more chickens than ever. The author identifies which breeds are happiest in small spaces; gives you simple instructions on feeding & caring for chickens; equipment you'll need, coop design etc. Paperback, 150 pgs By Barbara Kilarski
  • Keeping Pet Chickens

    Keeping Pet Chickens

    Easy to read book for younger would be poultry raisers and novices of all ages. Gives reader a better understanding of what is involved in caring for chickens. Great beginner's book. Many color photos. Paperback, 64 pgs By J. Paul & W. Windham

  • Living With Chickens

    Living With Chickens

    Details on choosing the best backyard birds, building coops, tips on hatching eggs, keeping birds healthy, grains, raising contented chicks. Color photos throughout. Paperback, 203 pgs By Jay Rossier
  • Lewis Wright Poultry

    Lewis Wright Poultry

    This book is about the work of Lewis Wright, the great victorian author, editor and poultry, pigeon and animal expert. He was responsible for paving the way to establishing the present day POULTRY STANDARDS, ensuring that judging was done on a fair basis and making the many breeds of poultry known. 80 color plates by J. W. Ludlow are reproduced in full size along with a summary of breeds....

  • Miniature Encyclopedia of Exhibiting Poultry

    Miniature Encyclopedia of Exhibiting Poultry

    Contains vocabulary of exhibiting with definitions. Outlines the various expressions encountered when discussing the apperarance of showbirds with judges and other exhibitors. Paperback, 80 pgs By Ian Kay
  • Modern Free Range Poultry

    Modern Free Range Poultry

    A practical guide for the small farmer Helpful information on housing, feed, health & disease. Marketing and regulations for egg production and sales. This system is less capital intensive but demands a higher degree of management. Author: Michael Roberts. Soft cover, 44 pg., b/w & few color photos.

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