Show Quality Chickens

The breeds listed in this section have been selected for their exhibition qualities. We hope you are pleased with them, but we cannot guarantee any show winners. Please note - breeding birds for appearance may result in the bird not being as efficient in producing meat or eggs. Please offer substitutions in the comments to expedite your specialty chick order.

This is a specialty breeder that provides show quality birds. Availability is not as predictable as large scale hatcheries because they are bred in limited quantity. Please be patient and call with questions on availability. The premium price is not based on expedited shipping but in quality of the birds. Ship dates can not be guaranteed because of these limited supplies.

Don't forget to check out our supply of chicken brooders, chick feeders and chick founts to keep your chicks warm and healthy when they arrive. We also suggest looking at our online chick care guide, and if you need more information look at our wide selection of chicken books. Please see our page about shipping birds to learn more about how we get these great birds to you.

We are sorry, but we do not export live birds, eggs or adult birds including pigeons or doves.

** 10 Chick Limit

Shipping included with all show quality baby chicks.

Five Breed Assortment
Nine Breed Assortment
» Ameraucana
» Ancona
» Campine
» Cochin
» Hamburg
» Java
» Lakenvelder
» Langshan
» Leghorn
» Polish
» Rhode Island Red
» Wyandotte