Poultry Processing Tools and Accessories

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  • Lung Remover - 2 Sizes

    Lung Remover - 2 Sizes

    Two sided lung remover. With two different sized lung remover.
  • Poultry Wax

    Poultry Wax

    Removes Hairs and Pin Feathers - This special wax will not crumble. Instructions supplied with each order make it easy to use. You should figure 1 lb for each 4 ducks to be processed. The fact the wax may also be used for dressing turkeys, chickens, geese and game birds has influenced us to refer to it as POULTRY WAX. Most of the wax may be recovered, to be re-used again and again.Use of this...

  • Heavy Duty Processing Apron

    Heavy Duty Processing Apron

    Heavy duty for poultry processing.
  • Economy Killing Cone - Medium

    Economy Killing Cone - Medium

    This is a new product for Stromberg's. The economy killing cone offers the same convenience but at a lower price than the other killing cones. They are built of a lower gauge steel than the other cones but will still help you to kill your birds quickly and bleed them out correctly providing great tasting birds. Made of galvanized steel.

  • Economy Killing Cone Extra Large

    Economy Killing Cone Extra Large

    Extra Large Killing Cone for turkeys and large birds 27 X 15 X 13 Made of galvanized steel.
  • Picker Fingers - Soft

    Picker Fingers - Soft

    These picker fingers are softer than the regular fingers that we off and are designed to provide an intense plucking action but are so gentle they don't tear or break skin. These will pick all types of birds and fit most pickers with a 3/4" insertion hole. Finger is 3-5/8" long.

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