Show Quality Bantam Chicken Eggs

Are you looking for a great project for your family and a way to grow your bantam flock? Then try hatching bantam chicken eggs, which is a great project for both beginner and expert bantam breeders! You can also check out our selection of chicken egg incubators, we surely have the right incubator to fit your needs. By hatching your bantam eggs in your own incubator you can watch their development with a chicken egg candler, and see them develop right in the shell. To learn more about bantam egg incubation check out our incubation books, chicken raising books and bantam chicken books.

Bantam chicken eggs are available January to the end of May.

This is a specialty breeder that provides show quality eggs. Availability is not as predictable as large scale hatcheries because they are bred in limited quantity. Please be patient and call with questions on availability. Ship dates can not be guaranteed because of these limited supplies.

Please offer substitute breed to expedite egg orders. You can provide this in the notes when you place your order. Please advise us if you need 4H papers for your egg order. The minimum order is 15 eggs with a minimum of five per breed.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no guarantees on hatching eggs. All Egg prices include shipping and handling!

Assorted Bantam Chicken Eggs

Assorted Polish Bantam Chicken Eggs
» Brahma
» Cochin
» Frizzle(Feather legged)
» Leghorn
» Modern Game
» Old English
» Polish
» Rhode Island Red
» Plymouth Rock
» Silkie
» Turken