1 - 7 Gallon Founts

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  • Replacement O Ring for PPF

    Replacement O Ring for PPF

    3 replacement "O" rings for the PPF3, PPF5 or the PPF7. This also includes a 1 small black cap for sealing the fount.
  • Replacement Base for PPF

    Replacement Base for PPF

    This replacement base will fit Poultry Founts (PPF) for all sizes 3, 5 and 7 gallon.

  • Small Replacement Cap for PPF

    Small Replacement Cap for PPF

    This small replacement cap is for the Poultry Fount (PPF) and is what seals the fount when it is being filled. It fits all PPF models: 3, 5, & 7 Gallon.
  • Water Protector 33.9 oz.

    Water Protector 33.9 oz.

    Provides clean, clear, healthy water and is effective on plastic and galvanized steel waters. Essential enzymes provide birds with added digestive enzymes better food absorption. Clean water is essential in maintaining healthy birds. -Clean, Clear Water -A Healthier Environment -Better Food Absorption All of this without corroding away a galvanized founts. Treats: One ounce treats...

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