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Buff Goslings

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    Hatchery choice from heritage breeds that can include any variety we carry. What a great surprise... will you have a few Embden; a couple Toulouse? Who knows?!?! By choosing an assortment you get a quicker ship date and the hatchery gets to use up every bird on hatch day! Hatchery's choice of at least 3 breeds.

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  • LG-209

    Straight Run

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    Calm and friendly breed that features unique buff-colored feathering. Developed for commercial meat production.
      These products being sold are live goslings.
    • Our live chicks are shipped as soon as they are hatched.
    • Availability of this item does not mean it ships immediately.
    • This means that we are still taking orders for the season and that your order will be placed in line for the next available shipment.
    • You will receive an email with your shipment date.

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    Buff Goslings
    Buff Goslings